On March 6th ,2020 everything changed for me.

What was another day became the beginning of a journey. I was sitting in a board room at one of the numerous buildings on Microsoft campus when we received this email (personal info redacted):

This is a part of my history and how I qualify when the pandemic began. What followed is months-upon-months of self-reflection, sadness, despair, hope, and focus.

It's changed me. And, it's not over.

Now, in July 2021, COVID-19 is still rampant with the highly viral delta variant. Misinformation, echo chambers, alternative truths, and egos have scared the landscape and allowed the pandemic to evolve. The United States CDC director now called it a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'  which is seemingly misguided (Under privileged, autoimmune, and children, are all factors when aggregating the situation.  We should be careful to label the state of COVID so distinctly).

I see hope through COVID.

I feel a responsibility to once again start writing as an outlet. I'll cover everything from culture (music, movies, etc.) to scientific breakthroughs, and smatter in some of my own thoughts.

Furthermore, mental health, corporate lifestyle, and futurology are for me, top of mind. Gone are the misconceptions of working remotely, mentioning 'work-life-balance' as lip service, and having social media portrayed as 'another fad'. These all have fueled the 'great resignation'  to forever change our collective landscape and will continue to be the new battlegrounds for innovation.

This website will help sculpt my thoughts while ensuring a record I can pull from. I'm thinking the mission state for my content to be: "Thoughts and ideas where analog meets digital, and frontiers meet the future."

Note: It is not my intention to marginalize your experience or anyone else's experience during the pandemic. These are my experiences and feelings. There is an infinite gradient of situations, resources, etc. that all lend to a perception that is unique to one's self. I consider myself lucky, even privileged, to have weathered my situation. I hope we all can eventually look back and see the growth we sustained one day.