Here's an easy recipe for me and my personality (I may be showing my age):

  • Take one Ferris Bueller
  • Add one part, Flynn, from Tron
  • Add 2 tbsp Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  • Add 1 tsp of Covid-related social anxiety
  • Add a pinch of the liquid in a lava lamp
  • Also, one pinch of Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia as the wildcard
    And voila, lol

I am:

Constantly Looking for a Project

I am a busy body and if we're on the phone together I am probably cleaning my house and putting things in places I can't find them when I hang up

Always sitting on the customer's side of the table

I will ALWAYS agree with the customer at least in principle

Scrappy AF

I am all-in on finding solutions, thinking outside the box, and going to extremes to solve anything.

Unafraid to Help with Everything

From taking out the trash to solving complex business issues.

Always Researching

I constantly am reading, researching, and staying up on recent news, events, and happenings.

A People-Pleaser

Good and bad, but rest assured I am always vying for your approval.

Passionate AF

Boarding on intense, when an idea drives me

Love Solving Problems

There's nothing more fun than getting together and solving a challenge; the bigger crisis the better. I love to help and listen to your challenges

Too Verbose at Times

I've been working on this, but know my core tendency is to explain something at the layman's level. It's a 'feature' of my personality :-)

I am not:

Not OK with Flatout Being Told What to Do ( Please, Show/Ask Me!)

Like most people, right? The more context and information I have the more I can further a vision towards reality.

Not Great at Delivering Goals Without Boundaries

Without guidelines and guardrails on a given task, it's tough for me to be successful. Give me a direction, some rules, and let me at it!

Not Effective Long-Term Without Being Mentored

I love LOVE, having strong guidance applied to my path. I'm very self-aware, but having someone validate/invalidate that is critical for me.

Not OK with Breaking Ethics

Please, don't ask me to do something that compromises integrity or puts me at odds with people around me.

Not Good at Saying 'No'

Unless you ask me directly, I'll nod my head, be smiley, but I could be dying inside. Be direct with me and I'll reciprocate.

Not The Smartest Person in the Room

More a mentality than who I am, anytime I sit with people I assume their experience, focus, and knowledge always supersedes my own which enables me to be more discovery focused and inquisitive.